Sunday, 5 February 2012

Books' Campaign

Through this campaign I will try to promote the reading of books over e-readers, helping people to understand and realise how important and special they are and why we have to support them. Books have some specific characteristics that make them unique and nothing can, or should, ever replace them. Some of these characteristics are, the excitement we feel when we buy a new book, its characteristic smell, the texture of its pages and cover, the strong connection that grows in time between the reader and the book, the fact that the reader can understand the steps and process that the book has been through in order to be so perfectly made. The experience of owning a book and reading it creates some truly powerful emotions that e-readers can’t create. The target audience of my campaign is mostly people who use e-readers instead of books but everyone who likes to spend time reading is welcome to enjoy the advantages of the campaign. The name of the campaign is ‘Books’ Support’ and the strap line is ‘Discover their uniqueness, understand their importance’. A combination of a serif and a san serif typeface will be used together with a variety of warm and light colours in order to show the quality and warmth that books offer. Posters will be printed on large scale high quality paper with a smooth texture and the designs will be simple but effective and balanced. A micro site will also be constructed and people who visit the site will be able to learn about the campaign and be constantly informed for new book releases and in general anything that is relative to the subject. The campaign will start with posters which will be spread in all city centres in order to inform people that something major is being organised. These will include general information about the campaign and specific information about an event. This event will be a large book festival which will take place in a wide and open area in Birmingham. The festival will be organized in association with a number of libraries and bookshops which have volunteered to help with the process of the campaign. Library staff will be there to explain to people the importance of this campaign and spread their knowledge to the ones who are interested.  In addition, various bookshops will offer a wide selection of books available for sale in low prices encouraging people to take advantage of this opportunity. A number of writers will also make their appearance in order to give a short speech about the campaign and to promote their new work. People will then have the opportunity to meet the writers in person and learn more about their work and their career. Finally, a useful booklet will be given for free to anyone who attends the festival as a way of showing our appreciation. The booklet will include useful information such as a brief summary of the history of books and their development through the years, the vast variety of book genres and a few words from well-known writers expressing their beliefs about the significance of books in our life.

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