Thursday, 27 October 2011

The sound part of my animation

From the 1st moment we got the brief i knew i would have to focus on psychedelic trance (progressive/minimal and chill out psychedelic) to get the sounds that i wanted because these genres of trance music have always been for me a good source for all kinds of sounds. This is the youtube channel of an artist whose songs have some small interesting parts with electronic harmonic sounds that are similar to what i had in mind for my logo animation.
What i was looking for was a sound that would last 3-8 seconds but it would present the logo in a harmonic and melodic but also dynamic sound that could emphasize the creation of unity through it. Of course most songs have beats or other unwanted sounds on top of the sounds that i wanted to use so it would be difficult to try and isolate just the sounds that i wanted because i'm only using audacity and garage band. So after a while i decided to experiment on garage band for the 1st time just to see how much it can offer and i was in fact quite pleased because i didn't expect it to be so useful. It surely isn't close to being a professional audio software but for this project it has been very helpful.                                                 

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